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Proud to be a pretty bird.

Grazie Tamu!!!
La tua gipsy ti super love ya.


Pretty Bird, Alice Agnelli

Hey there my favorite birds,
Meet this week’s Pretty Bird Alice Agnelli, PR rep and super brain behind the lifestyle blog A Gipsy in the Kitchen. I’ve known Alice for a few years, and I have always admired her self-decribed “naive gipsy” style. She’s always fresh in bright colors, cheeky prints, long flowey dresses, and gorgeous rompers. In addition to her great style, she’s always got a smile on her face and is unbelievable thoughtful… she’s just lovely to be around. So, I’m happy to introduce her to you now and please enjoy getting to know her.
Name: Alice Agnelli
Occupation: Fashion PR and Lifestyle & Cooking Blogger
Passion: Mixing the macramé and the flour
Hometown: Milan, Italy
Current Town: Milan
Favorite City: Paris, legend says that I was created there…
Favorite place to shop in Paris: Merci and Acne
Favorite place to dine in Paris: Too hard to choose just one, I have a round trip ritual: Anahuacalli, Les Coulisse Vintage and Yen
What do you do to get your day started? I stretch in yogi positions and drink huge mug of green jasmine tea with honey
Favorite Breakfast Food: Rice vanilla milk and cereal, madaleines and peaches
Favorite Breakfast spot: Da Sissi in Milano and my fave Starbucks in whole world, the one in rue des Archives, in Paris.
What’s your beauty routine? Rose water to wake up the skin and take off the make up, eye cream, tons of moisturizing and mascara.
Skin: My must is Advance Night Repair from Estee Lauder. Then I use Sisley to moisturize. MAC foundations and YSL mascara.
Where do you cut your hair? Goran Viler Hair Spa, in Trieste. He is the only one allowed to touch my hair, from color to cut.
Nails and other personal grooming: The Bulgari Spa in Milano is the best treat ever.

Where do you shop in Milan? Memem in Via Savona and Excelsior in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.
Describe your style: Gispy Naive.
What are your favorite brands: Valentino, Au jour le jour, Isabel Marant and J.Crew.
Any style rules: Stripes and Macramè is a always. Then, just have fun mixing and matching, while trying to keep it simple.
What do you do before you go to bed? I read some pages of my book while sipping a herb tea. Then do my prays and mantra.

Alice wears:
Look 1 – Gorilla skirt by Au Jour Le Jour, t-shirt by The Gap, necklace by Miu Miu, platforms by Marni
Look 2 – Blue and white stripe skirt by Soho Deluxe, top by Acne, sandals by Musa London
Look 3 – Vintage white lace dress, sandals by
Azzedine Alaïa, clutch from the market in Formentera




  • Anonymous says:

    Cosa dire, bellissima!


  • SILVY71 says:

    semplicemente superlativa!

  • Kitchenqb says:

    Incantevole! :)))

  • Eva says:

    Ciao Alice,
    ho appena scoperto il tuo blog e sto facendo un giro, devo dire che mi piace davvero davvero molto!! 🙂
    Arriviamo però all’annosa questione…il parrucchiere, o hair stylist che dir si voglia.
    Ma davvero vieni fino a Trieste per tagliarti i capelli?!
    Se si, ti prego, dimmi tutto!!
    Sono in piena haircrisis, help me! 😉

    • ciao Eva!
      Grazie per i complimenti!E ben trovata!
      Allora anche per me i capelli sono sempre stati un problema….e un’ansia.
      A trieste c’è questo parrucchiere bravissimo da cui andavo…fino a quando non ho scoperto a Milano Sciatè. E’ in via Tortona, sono piccoli ma bravissimi. Se sei di qui, quando li chiami, prenota chiedendo di Barbara, a mio nome…ti farà lo sconto.
      Fidati, sono bravissime.
      spero di ritrovarti su questi schermi presto.

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